Camping at Event Centre

Prices: Small tent (up to 2 people) - 15 Eur/competition time, Large tent (3 people or more) - 25 Eur/competition time. Campervan - 40eur/competition time

The ValleyHouse homestead is located in the Trakai region, by Vilkokšnis lake. This is a place for peaceful and quiet relaxation with families or friends. There are parking lots, outdoor barbecues, BBQ places.
On the territory of the homestead there is a campsite with BBQ places, fireplaces, wc, shower and equipped places to swim in the lake. The views of the Aukštadvaris Regional Park around the homestead provide an opportunity to admire nature both in summer and in winter.
Sightseeing trails for walking, cycling, boating and kayaking have been prepared for guests of the homestead.

In the museum, which has a collection of ancient tools, educational programs are organized, and rye bread with natural sourdough is baked on the shoulder (Not available during Takas competition).